The value of doing things by hand, and a new book cover

Hi there, guys and gals. It’s 2 AM, and I find myself deprived of sleep and yet infuriatingly productive on my writing, for once. Why can’t these moments ever strike at 10 AM, when I have a warm cup of coffee and a full day of bright sunshine to get work done before relaxing? Preferably on a day when I’m not doing my day job as a grant writer–so, Saturday or Sunday? No, 2 AM on a weekday seems to be the writing witching hour for me. Alas, sleep. I never knew ye well. But I miss you. And I cannot type my stories into a word processor like a modern author. No, every first draft gets written in longhand in a trusty notebook, only to be deciphered later. I think I fill in a lot of gaps just because I can’t read my own handwriting after a while when I go back to type it into the main word document.

I’ve gotten a lot done today. I copy-edited an ebook that desperately needed the copy editing it received (oof). There’s power in paying for proofreading, kids. Truly. And I’m getting ready for kicking off Part 3 of the Black Brothers Tales, The Golden Lion. I’ve really been having fun writing this–so to say, parts of it are spicy. And if having fun writng isn’t why I’m doing this, what is it for? So far it hasn’t been striking it rich, I promise you. But I love writing stories and putting them out into the world, and I am very grateful for every single person who takes the time to read them.

On that note, happy to show off the new cover for the next book, shot by yours truly. Very thankful to my friend Tony for lending a hand (ha!) as the model for the cover. The book is due out on 9/1/2020, for those curious. I’m thinking of having a little party to celebrate online–maybe a livestream to read, or something of the sort. I’ll keep you posted!

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