Carrying On When Literally Everything Is On Fire

The weather in Denver for the last month.

2020 definitely seems like it has plunged the world into surreal, mildly apocalyptic times. A worldwide pandemic rages on, having claimed more than 200,000 lives here in the US alone. Travel bans keep loved ones separated if they have the misfortune of dweling in different nations. Hurricane Laura affected tens of thousands of people in Louisiana. Historically-large wildfires here in Colorado have destroyed thousands of acres of forest and displaced thousands. And California is entirely on fire and tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. (Can you tell my day job is for a nonprofit that provides disaster relief? >_>)

And yet, we must all find a way to soldier on and carry on our day-to-day lives in the face of ongoing tragedy and catastrophe. I know that I personally have to occasionally fight that built-up feeling of despair, of wondering what’s the bloody point? And the truth is, fighting back is the point. Life will astonish us with the most amazing joy at the least expected moments. And there’s a lot of books we all still need to read.

I am currently rereading a book called The Winter Soldier by Daniel Mason. This book does a good job of scratching my itch for very lyrical prose, sort of dreamy wistful plot movement, while also having a solid back drop of historical research for the setting. And it’s from an interesting POV of World War I that I, as an American, haven’t gotten to see much (of a Polish soldier fighting for the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.) My Polish is certainly not good enough to read any books written in Polish about World War I… though if you have any recommendations with an English translation, certainly let me know.

On the note of reading books, in a month my full-length Viking novel The Skyforger will go on sale for just $0.99, from 9/25 – 10/2. Link:

I will also be giving a live reading of my new book in from Black Brothers Tales, THE GOLDEN LION, on 11/5: Link:

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