Today’s Inspiration: Andrzej Bargiel

Living in Colorado, I am a big fan for alpine sports like mountaineering, climbing, and skiing. I say fan because, short of hiking to the top of smaller peaks, these are not anything I do myself, being a garden variety sedentary author with two left feet and bad vertigo. But this recent butt-puckering video of Andrzej Bargiel skiing from the top of K2, a peak almost as high and arguably more dangerous and technical than Everest, was incredibly inspiring to me. Most of all this man’s manner. He gets to the top, and panning the camera down at the 3700′ drop, calmly says, “I am descending now” and just gets to business. Just stone cold badassery. It is a good reminder that now matter how high the peak we have to climb, how daunting the drop, the only way to do it is just set about the business of doing it, and never mind the fear.

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