When the Basic Beckies Ride the Breezes of Pumpkin Spice, The Rest of Us Watch Halloween Movies

As a 32-year-old woman who writes sort of grimdarkish fiction for a passion, you would be shocked, shocked to know that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

Having dawned the annual uniform of Uggs, infinity scarf, and latte, I dusted off my cinnamon-scented broom stick and went zooming off on breezes wafting with pumpkin spice.

My nefarious journey completed, I have returned to bring you my Halloween movie playlist, which must be watched every year, without fail.

  1. Hocus Pocus
When you wanna look like the blonde one, or be as badass as Winifred, but you’re definitely the fat sister riding the vacuum, amirite.

2. Practical Magic

One of my most feel-good girl flicks. Also enjoyable with margaritas and if you are cranky at dumb exes.

3. Casper the Friendly Ghost

I was obsessed with this film as a child. Particularly, the family mansion.

4. Addams Family Values

“But Debbie….pastels?” Oh man, Morticia had all the fire.

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