What’s In Store for The Black Brothers’ Tales?

As the publication of part 3 of The Black Brothers’ Tales looms, the future of the series has been on my mind a lot lately. When I first began publishing the series about five years ago, I intended it to be a serial of short stories, with perhaps five or six installments. At the moment, THE GOLDEN LION is spiralling into a monster-length novella rather than a short story. However, the glory of the self-publishing and ebook delivery is that that’s fine.

I am not sure yet how far The Black Brothers’ Tales will go. I am really enjoying writing these swashbuckling adventures with Julia and Raoul. However, I have also spent a long time in their world space (and this head space), and every once and so often an author gets an itch to go wandering. There will certainly be a Part IV of The Black Brothers’ Tales, as I don’t want to leave readers with a multi-year gap after a cliffhanger. (Sorry folks who started with me in 2015. >_> A lot of life happened.)

Publication for Part IV is tentatively Jan 1, 2021. I say tentatively because I had to push back the publication of Part III, THE GOLDEN LION, for two months because of my writing load at my day job. (Writing grants for eight hours a day kills my writing brain cells. Go figure.) Until I strike the indie author lottery of making enough money selling my books to do it full-time, I have to strike a balance between the two. For now, I just enjoy telling my stories, and feel very honored and grateful that so many of you like to read them.

So where will Raoul and Julia end up? How will their story end? I don’t know. Guess you’re gonna have to keep reading to find out. 😉

Join me on 11/5/2020 for the livestreamed launch party celebrating the release of THE GOLDEN LION here!

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