Happy Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day/Polish Independence Day

Happy Veterans’ Day/Armistice Day/Polish Independence Day on the 11th. (Remember to wish the living veterans a happy holiday this week and not in May; May is for dead soldiers, ergo the ‘memorializing.’)

The main character of the Farther Than Elysium pulp series, Julia del Razur, is a soldier–a general of the khalifate she lives in. Most of the focus of the story is on her life before joining the imperial army, and after her time deployed, but it was interesting for me to write about the life of a woman serving in a high-ranked post in a pseudo-medieval military. (The khalifate where the story takes place is similarly only ruled by a woman.) Julia’s an outsider in a lot of ways–a woman in a traditionally male role, a half-blood in a somewhat xenophobic society. Trying to make peace with her background and the antics of the men around her will play a big part of Julia’s story in the next coming parts of the series.

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