Some Denver small businesses I like that you can support

Small Business Saturday recently passed, and while I am not generally enthusiastic about marketing campaigns (read: wolves) dressed in holidays’ (read: sheep’s) clothing, there are some local small businesses here in Denver I’ve had some good experiences at that I would like to give some love to.

If you are wondering how to support me, the erstwhile small business of the self-publishing indie author, please feel free to buy my books. I’ll wait.

Okay, now that you’re back, I shall give you the list of my three favorite mom and pop bookstores for three different book shopping experiences here in Denver.

  1. West Side Books–has everything, including antiquarian and collectible books. This bookstore is located in the quaint (read: somewhat yuppie) Highlands district, so if lattes and sushi are your speed, you’ll enjoy them. If you’re more of a schmuck like me, you’ll still enjoy them. Remember that giant hardback of H.P. Lovecraft’s complete collected fiction I scored a while back? Fifteen dollars from here. Fifteen dollars. The staff are quite nice and helpful, to boot. And all that decadent old paper-and-glue book smell you could ask for.

2. Rosemary’s Baby Bookstore–this is tucked behind a diner that serves amazing eggs and green chile, for one thing. Secondly, what an whimsically creey name. Thirdly, this is your go-to for inexpensive genre paperbacks. I left with armfuls of vampire novels, including a weird mashup of Dracula and Sherlock Holmes I did not heretofore know existed, for less than ten bucks, but deeply needed in my life. Bookstores of this type are also an endangered species, and the owner was very nice, so if you live in the Denver area, patronize this store.

3. Tattered Cover Bookstore–Try to schedule your trip downtown around the regular protests this year, if possible, but I love this bookstore. This bookstore is what I think of as “dignified leatherbound book and coffee shop” vibe. Everything’s expensive, but sometimes you find something you didn’t know you wanted or were looking for because their selection is so wide and varied.

So enjoy your Small Business Saturday, or whatever marketing gimmick social media is pushing. I’ll see you next week.

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