Happy New Year’s (Fuck Off, 2020, Ain’t Gonna Miss You)

If you’ve read any of my work, you are aware that it is recommended 18+ reading due to violence, cursing, and general carryings-on. YA author I am not. (At least not yet?) My last story, The Pasha’s War, had a sex scene that I took out partially because it didn’t add to the story, but mostly because I remembered my grandmother was going to read it. (100% true story, by the way.) I was worried about cursing on my blog, but why not. It’ll shoo away the easily offended who would not like my books anyway. (But everyone is welcome to purchase them, just to be clear.)

Now, more truthfully, I will probably spend my New Year’s drinking red wine alone in my apartment and watching YouTube until I get sleepy. Is that every Friday? Maybe. But regardless, happy New Year’s. Bring on 2021. With vaccines and more people getting the hang of germ theory, perhaps this year will go better.

On that note, I retract previous statements of releasing Part IV of Farther Than Elysium on January 1st. I’m sorry. I am terrible, I know. But in the interest of honesty, I am aiming for March, but don’t be shocked if it’s June, depending on how crazy work gets. If you want me to only write books for a living, feel free to buy all of them and recommend them to your friends. If you have, thank you, a million times over. Happy End-of-2020.

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