Art imitates life imitates art

I’ve always admired artists who can paint and sketch digitally, with no paper or ink required. At one point in my life, I could sketch with a pencil and paper, but I never acquired the skillset of painting. I’ve obviously spent my time on getting good reps in other artistic arenas (*cough*writing hopefully*cough*). But I […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all you readers and denizens of the internet a very happy Thanksgiving. This year I am grateful for a lot of things–getting the chance to share my stories with you all most of all. See you guys next week when The Pasha’s War: Farther Than Elysium #3 finally debuts! You can pre-order the book […]

What are my muses?

I think writers get asked this question a lot. What is your muse? How do you find inspiration? Where do you find inspiration? Being too lazy to write accurate history books and too steeped in mythology to not see the bones of those stories in every book I read, I guess I could say I […]

The Stories We Tell (And Retell)

There’s a saying some old dude said once somewhere, that every story has already been told, and we are just retelling old stories in new clothing. I have no idea if that’s true. Maybe. Maybe there’s a limit to the number of stories in the human mind. I’ve been thinking on this a lot during […]

The Author’s Other Hobbies

Hello, fearless readers and other denizens of the internet. I hope this post finds you well. This week I am going to talk about one of my other favorite hobbies: photography. I got into photography about three years ago, when a serious injury forced me to take some time off from fencing. Forlorn without something […]

Writing Fight Scenes!

In another part of my life, I’ve been practicing a sport called historical European martial arts (or HEMA) for the last thirteen years–in other words, practicing, coaching, and teaching swordfighting from historical manuals. While I would not characterize myself as a Miyamoto Musashi or Inigo Montoya (unless they were a short, chubby, easily-winded Musashi or […]